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Rabbit - The Digital Health Consulting Group

We are interested in making a difference, contributing to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of people all over the world. Having a positive effect on the world is a key issue for our business as we think that it is our responsibility to improve the world we, our friends and family, our clients and our partners live in.


The best we can do in this endeavor is to share our concerns and care for the society we live in with our customers. Therefore, in order to address the issues our society is facing we help nonprofit organizations increase their performance and we collaborate with government institutions.

We are motivated and empowered to apply our knowledge to help solve societal issues and satisfy the need of others in need of help. We promote the pro bono work that our employees do, encourage our people to get involved in their communities through volunteering and apply their skills for not-for-profit organizations.


As a company, we apply best practices and governance techniques aimed at having a positive effect on the environment and the global society. At the Rabbit Consulting Group we care for people. Therefore we contribute to the well-being of our society by improving the quality of the abilitated institutions and serving our clients in various business sectors. Together, their growth improves the world we live in.

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